Fully automated mozzarella spinning and forming machine.

The machine can be used for the production of mozzarella obtained from our exclusive fresh or frozen curd, from cow or buffalo milk. The machine has a patent and it was made with the aim of making all the phases of the curd transformation into mozzarella in a completely automatic way. The machine can be managed by an operator without experience of cheese factory. The machines are in the monoblock version, for operation it will be necessary to supply it only with water and electricity, and it needs a work space of about 1.2m x 1.7m. You should introduce the curd into the spinning tank at a temperature of 5ºC for a total load of 6Kg per production cycle.

Than you should close the lid and select one of the pre-set programs based on the curd inserted (fresh, frozen, of cow’s milk, of buffalo milk, organic, lactose free etc) by pressing the button indicated on the touch screen. The machine starts all the spinning and forming phases automatically, following the preset recipe. At the end of the process, for a total duration of about 5 minutes, you should collect the mozzarella from the tank and move on to the next production or cleaning machine using the appropriate program.